All facials are customized for your specific skin concerns. Don't worry if you cannot decide which facial is right. Our skin changes all the time, and usually does not fall under just one category. Molly will walk you through the steps of your facial to help you decide which treatment is right for you! 

All facials are 55 minutes - You can ALWAYS book time for extra massage! (10 minutes / $15)

ALL facials include extractions!

The DMK Facial will be added to the menu in Feb -> Click the FAQ tab to learn more! (will be 90 min / $150)

NEW! Shiny Hiney (TM)- Ladies and gentlemen get your rears in gear for swimsuit season, a honeymoon or just to feel good! This highly exfoliating treatment focuses on the tush and the upper back thigh to smooth out rough skin with steam and extractions. It's just like a facial... except for your bum ;-) 30 min - $85


                    LED Light Facial - $85

     This 30 minute treatment is one that will repair the skin from the inside out. The best part is the results are cumulative, so the more you do it the better your skin will look! It includes deep cleansing, a scalp rub, and a mask as well as the LED light therapy. LED is a painless, even relaxing skin-care treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production and treats mild to moderate acne.


           Acne Repair Facial - $110

This facial includes extra time for extractions to remove excess oil and black heads from congested pores. A non granular exfoliant will be applied to skin with steam. This facial also includes High Frequency technology to kill bacteria on the skin and promote circulation. A cooling treatment mask will be used to calm irritated skin.

Ideal for oily, acne prone skin. Not suitable for drier skin types.

                         Anti-Aging Facial - $110

    By far the most popular! This facial focuses on                       removing dead skin cells with a plant based peel.                  Skin will then be drenched in precious herbs                          and oils to replenish moisture loss. This facial                      helps repair free radical damage. This                                      facial also includes Ultra Sound technology                            to soften sebum, and promote cellular metabolism.

      Ideal for drier skin types or skin with                           concerns of pigmentation.

            Skin Soothing Facial - $95

When skin is delicate it requires special attention to help nurture and protect. This facial uses little steam, and will help calm redness and inflammation caused by environmental aggressors.

Ideal for clients suffering from rosacea.


Back Facial - $85 (30 min.)

This relaxing service helps to clear up break outs on the back, and clean those hard to reach places. Your back will be exfoliated with a clay mask while steaming then extractions if necessary will be performed. Lastly a hydrating serum to seal the pores will be applied while enjoying a detoxifying massage.

Ideal for ALL skin types.

The Deluxe Pampering Facial - $165 (90 min.)

This lavish treatment includes any facial of your choice plus extended massage (including scalp, foot, and neck and shoulder). Plus you will enjoy two face masks instead of one customized to your skins needs. Hi frequency and ultra sound are also included to kill bacteria and improve circulation thus helping more nutrients get to the skin. This facial is perfect for anyone who needs the ultimate in relaxation, and wants an instant glow lasting for days! Perfect before a big event!

Ideal for ALL skin types.