The Bearded Facial

55 minutes – $110 / $150 WITH MOLLY FOR NEW CLIENTS

This is ideal for men with full beards who want it to look and smell awesome! The organic line Beard and Company is used throughout this treatment. It includes a deep cleaning and exfoliation of the face. A specific beard shampoo with peppermint and tea oil is used. A hydrating mask is applied to the beard along with orgainc beard oils and serums to stimulate growth and add strength to the beard. You can choose from a couple different scents for the beard oils or there is unscented. The skin on the upper half of the face is treated as well with a specific mask for your skin type. A relaxing scalp massage is included. Extractions included.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is used to make any beard soft, strong and healthy while adding a natural shine. A good beard oil won't leave it greasy or weigh it down. The specific blend of hemp seed oil, almond oil, avocado oil and vitamin E won't clog any pores or hair follicles while also relieving that under-beard itch.

The Shiny Hiney 

75 minutes – $130 / $170 WITH MOLLY FOR NEW CLIENTS

This firming body mask uses enzymes that are naturally occurring in our body to flush out toxins that cause acne and skin sagging. This treatment helps to improve the skin's immune system so it's clear and healthy. This benefits the rear-end and back of the upper thighs. It includes a deep cleansing, (no extractions) light acid peel followed by the famous DMK enzyme mask, lastly the skin will be drenched in nutritious serums to heal and hydrate the skin followed by the firming body sculp cream if needed. Formerly called the Teeny Tiny Hiney.

(Please not this is NOT a butt lift or anti cellulite treatment. This is designed to treat the skin and its current condition. Over time it does help with cellulite due to the boost in circulation.)


30 minutes – $85

This treatment can be extended to an hour with our body enzyme if you prefer a stronger more comprehensive treatment for $130.

A deep cleanse, and customized peel is applied - Extractions are usually not included - Followed by a deep cleansing clay mask to purify the skin. Finally hydrating oils and finishing creams are applied.

Anti Cellulite Add On


This quick service is the perfect add on to any facial. First the Bio Freeze is applied to sooth and relax muscle tissue, then the Body Sculpt cream is applied to stimulate circulation and firm the skin. Then, the treated area will be wrapped in cellophane to penetrate the products. After the facial, the cellophane is removed while the products sink deep in the skin throughout the day. You can also purchase the Body Sculpt cream for enhanced results to use at home. To book this add on simply make a note when you book your facial or email us to reserve. Can only be added to facials, not the Shiny Hiney.