After your first DMK Firming Enzyme Facial it is normal to feel red, dry and sensitive for a few days. This is not an allergic reaction, don't worry. This is a sign that the skin's immune system is slightly weak and the acid mantle needs to be strengthened (this is very common). The enzyme mask will tell you what work needs to done on the skin since its working with the underlying structure.

It's like being sore after a work out - Nothing bad actually happened in the workout it just means your body is out of shape and needs more work. Proper home is mandatory to get the full benefits from our enzyme therapy. The DMK home care will keep the skin strong and hold down the fort until your next appointment. We can give you the best skin of your life, but we need you to participate. Make sense? Still confused? Email Molly! We love your questions!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!